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To have an inclusive and representative Operator Algebras community


  • Retain operator algebraists who are underrepresented or in minority within mathematics due to gender
  • Provide early-career operator algebraists with a trusted ally in the event of abuse/harassment
  • Provide a source of career advice for mentees outside of their home institutions and to support underrepresented or minority mathematicians in their career
  • Provide nonjudgmental, confidential, solicited advice on work-life balance and career
  • Forge connections between mathematicians and increase the visibility of underrepresented or minority operator algebraists
  • Cooperate with organizations with similar goals
  • Provide a network for people supporting this mission
  • Improve mentorship skills of mathematicians


You may find a pdf version of our bylaws below:

Annual Reports

2021-22: Our annual report is available here

2020-21: Our first annual report is available here

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