Operator Algebras Mentor Network

The impetus for this network came from YMC*A 2018 in Leuven, where it became apparent that several early-career women at that conference lacked mentors who would advocate on their behalf in a situation where clear abuse or harassment by a more senior mathematician had occurred. In most instances, these women were left with no action being taken within their department. The lack of support and advocacy in such situations has led women in our own mathematical community to leave positions early or suffer until they find another position as to not risk their career’s longevity. Since summer 2018, we have identified more goals of the network that are much less crisis-oriented and are more retention-focused.

Our mission is as follows:

  • Retain underrepresented genders in operator algebras
  • Provide early-career operator algebraists with a trusted ally in the event of abuse/harassment
  • Provide a source of career advice for mentees outside of their home institutions and to support underrepresented gendered mathematicians in their career
  • Provide nonjudgmental, confidential, solicited advice on work-life balance and career
  • Forge connections between mathematicians and increase the visibility of underrepresented gendered persons in operator algebras
  • Cooperate with organizations with similar goals
  • Provide a network for people supporting this mission
  • Improve mentorship skills of mathematicians

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